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8 Nov 2016 ... If you don't play knockout poker tournaments, you're missing out. ... Essential Bounty Tournament Math ... BB (Hero, 8.1 BB) is contemplating calling with a hand slightly below what the push/fold charts would advocate. Here ... Push-Fold Charts - Alec Torelli: Poker Training, Poker Lessons and ... The purpose of push-fold charts is to help you play perfect poker while on a short stack; consequently, ... Push-fold Charts are based strictly on mathematics. Nash range push/fold charts for shover and caller on ... - Pinterest

PokerStars Poker Room Manager Steve Day announced just hours ago that ... of situations covered, such as push-fold nash charts for HU play.

Equilibrium pushbot charts for poker tournaments - Primedope Two players play heads-up, the small blind can decide before the flop whether to push or fold. If he pushes, the big blind can now decide whether to call or not. There are no post-flop decisions. Situations like this occur often in later stages of poker tournaments when the stack sizes are small and everybody folds to the blinds. Push/Fold Charts For WSOP Single Table Satellites & STTs ...

MTT Push-Fold Charts - Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. poker mttt push fold charts

Thanks to their work, and the advent of computers, we have something concrete to use when we play poker tournaments: push/fold strategy. Again, you don’t need to be a mathematical savant to use these Nash push/fold strategies when you play poker for real money – you just need to download the charts and follow the instructions.

For more information about making your own push/fold charts, the ICM calculator is an excellent resource for getting started with push/fold calculations of your own. Most players are probably best off just using the charts we have available; they will keep you within 1% of absolutely perfect play when the stacks are short.

Push folding in a tournament often troubles players. There’s a difference in opinions on when is the correct time to get all your chips in whilst playing a MTT. There are charts such as the one below that explains the hands and at which point the chips should go in. Push/Fold Tournament Charts Push or Fold Charts - Push or Fold Charts Push-Chart when you are irst-in The Rebound-Chart, when you are not in the blinds Your Hand Early Pos. Middle Pos. Cutoff Button Small Blind AA - 99 13 13 13 13 13 88 - 66 10 13 13 13 13 55 - 22 8 10 13 13 13 AKs, AKo, AQs, AQo 13 13 13 13 13 AJs, ATs 8 13 13 13 13 A9s - A2s 5 7 10 10 13 AJo, ATo 7 8 11 13 13 A9o - A2o 5 5 7 ...